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Behind Stone Clay Co.

Hello there! I'm Rhylee Stone, the heart and hands behind Stone Clay Co., a venture that marries my love for artistry with the earthy charm of clay. Beyond the world of jewelry-making, I'm a devoted wife to my wonderful husband, Brock, and a proud mom to our two incredible children, Bennett and Ryver. Family life for us is a delightful symphony of shared moments, laughter, and exploration. I find immense inspiration in the bonds we share, and it's their love and support that fuels my creative journey every day.

Stone Clay Co., founded in 2022, is more than just a business to me; it's an expression of my passion for crafting, and the belief that beauty lies in simplicity. The pieces I create reflect not only my artistic vision but also my desire to capture the elegance of nature, and celebrates the uniqueness in all of us.

I invite you to explore the world of Stone Clay Co., where every piece is crafted with love, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of imperfection. Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey!